Who am I .....

I started classical guitar at the age of 6 after hearing the theme to the BBC Children's TV program ‘Tales of the River Bank’ and I still play classical guitar to this day. I got my first electric guitar at the age of 13 and worked my way through The Beatles Complete. Learning from the likes of The Shadows and later Dire Straits, Santana and Kate Bush I found my calling. 


I formed my first band with my brothers at the age of 14 and began writing my own songs. I was completely hooked! We played schools and youth clubs and I knew this had to be my life! When I left school I auditioned and joined many bands until I got bored of their arguments and breaks up. I formed a band of my own called the Karl Whitworth Band and we played clubs and pubs everywhere, up and down the country releasing a couple of singles and doing a national support tour with David Essex. 


As my bothers left school they joined the band that became G.I.Orange. We toured all over the UK and after signing to EMI we worked with Andy Hill who produced our Single ‘Fight Away The Lover’. We travelled the UK again but this time on a national tour with Bucks Fizz. 


We caught the eye of the Japanese music industry, moved to CBS/Sony and recorded our first album called ‘Psychic Magic’, produced by Tim Palmer. That went Gold in Japan and gave us several hits including the massive number 1 hit ‘Psychic Magic’.  This track is currently featured in a Japanese film ‘Prince of Legend’, covered by the huge young Japanese popstar Ryota Katayose.  We recorded a Christmas Special EP and the track 'Take Me To Your Leader', produced by Barry Blue.


I have never stopped writing and recording songs and continue to write, arrange, record and produce music for other artists and projects. I have always missed performing so feel the time is right for me to record as an artist once again. My new EP, ‘Open Space’, is a collection of very special recordings to me and I'm pleased to say that I plan to record a lot more.  My head is full of so many different influences and experience that I cannot wait to share so this is going to be an interesting journey…

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